When building your home it is always very exciting. You get to pick everything you want in a home and see it all come together. Imagine how exciting it would be if you actually knew the process of how it all comes together. There’s a lot of steps between figuring out you want in a home to moving in. Hopefully this will make you a little more informed and excited.     

Of course before you build you have to do some research on what you want in your home and what you can afford. You have to think how many square feet you want and how will everything you want fit within that space. Do you want one or two floors? How many bedrooms? What additional amenities can you just not live without? Once you have made the decisions you then can start meeting with designers and contractors and making a plan to maximize and design your space. This is an awesome way to get opinions and new ideas.     

Once you have a blueprint of what you want in your home you can then start looking for lots to purchase.  Make sure you shop around regardless if you are looking at a neighborhood or secluded land. It’s important that you allocate money from your budget into purchasing the land. It will give you a better idea of what you can afford while searching. When you find land you are interested in then make sure you do your research on the area and make sure you compare it to other properties close by.     

When you find the land you have been looking for you can then start getting ready for site preparation. This is when you pass the torch over to your contractors. The land will get prepped and ready for the house that you have designed. You should be expecting a lot of heavy equipment that will be busy clearing, excavating, and leveling the lot based on your plans. You will get to see a rough shape of your home that will get you even more excited for the building process.   

 The next step is the “three Fs”. That stands for footings, foundation, and framing. The footers will be first that will support your homes foundation. Once they have passed inspection concrete will be poured for your foundation. Next will be the framing. The frame will act as a skeleton of your home. Once the frame has passed inspection then exterior finishes will be done to seal off the inside. This stage is all about the structural work. You have to be prepared that during this stage it is very dependent on good weather and passing all inspections, so at times setbacks can occur.   

 After the structure is together the “guts” of your home will start being put in. All cooling and heating, plumbing, and electric systems will be installed. Once they pass inspection drywall will start getting put up, which will really make your home start to look like what you envisioned.  Once all the walls up, sanded, and insulated the real fun begins.     

Painting and flooring is where you really get to see your home become yours. All the “pretty stuff” can start being installed. You can choose your flooring, cabinets, moldings all that fit your style while making sure it fits your budget. You have to make sure you are careful with what you choose in this stage. Even though hardwood floors are gorgeous they can scratch and stain easy, as well as being expensive so you have to make sure things fit in the lifestyle you and your family have.   

 After your house is ready to live in delivery trucks will start bringing in your fixtures and appliances. They will install faucets, countertops, light fixtures, plugs, and all your appliances to complete your home. These are things that you should have picked out a while ago to be ready to be installed.     

Lastly, is the final countdown. You will really see what you envisioned completely together. Everything will be a whirlwind of emotions making sure everything gets done by closing time.  Before closing do a walkthrough of your home. Make a list of things you want to discuss with the builder and make sure everything is to your liking so you can enjoy every last detail.   

 Building can be challenge and give you a headache at times, but it can also be very rewarding. It’s a chance for you to create the house you have always dreamed of with all the little touches that makes it yours. After reading this article I hope it helps you decide if building is for you or not.