It’s no surprise to anyone this summer has one of the wettest, if not the wettest, summer on record.   Seems like every event has been held in the rain...from weddings to family gatherings, marathons, biking events, fundraisers and more.  Even events that were postponed due to rain were bumped and then rained out or held in the rain on their rescheduled date!   The rain has damaged trees in the area due the ground being so saturated. Water poisoning...or water intoxication is as real for trees as it is for people.  Systems just weren’t built to handle this much water! This begs the question…”what about my home and the damage possibly done by so much ground saturation.  

The foundations of our homes are built to handle rain and lots of it...but this is an exceptional year.  Basements that have never taken on water in the past are experiencing issues this summer. Soil expansion, sump pump failures, and overly saturated soil and all lead to serious issues with a home’s foundation.  With so many wet basements from all the rain and flooding, one of the biggest concerns is wood rot and the growth of mold. Please keep in mind if this is your situation...a little care and concern now may save you thousands of dollars later.  Call an expert and have the issue checked out to make sure that not only is the area dried out, but that you are also taking preventive measures to guard against additional flooding and dampness.

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