Selling a home is always a process. From finding the new home you’re moving to, to organizing and packing, and in finding the perfect buyer. Thankfully, realtors like me are here to help in making sure you don’t forget this is an exciting process. If I’m being honest it is definitely easier to sell your home in the spring or summer. I’m not saying it’s impossible to sell in the other months, but there are some additional things you have should do to appeal buyers to your home in the fall or winter.

For example, curb appeal is just as important in the fall or winter as it is in the spring. In the fall make sure leaves stay cleaned up and add fresh mulch to areas if need be. In the winter you have to keep your porches and sidewalks cleared of snow and put salt down. Also make sure you still keep some decorations and outdoor furniture on the porch. Buyers need it to still look homey and envision the potential your home has.

Once buyers fall in love with the curb appeal they will want a closer look of your home. Make sure you have blinds and curtains pulled back. Let there be light! The more natural light you let in the cozier your home will feel.

With the colder weather you will be spending a lot more time inside. Use this as a time to work on indoor projects. Make sure you check for any drafts or items that need fixed in the home. On a cold winter day it will be easier for buyers to tell if your home is drafty. Get these little things fixed so you can have a faster closing. The fewer problems they find while in contract the smoother things will be. This can include just giving your home a fresh coat of paint or installing updated fixtures.

Most importantly make sure you clean, clean, and clean! Now that summer is over do a good deep clean of your home. Make sure to keep the cleaning up in between showings as well. With the snow and leaves everything can easily be tracked in. When potential buyers come in to your home they can look under sinks and places that when cleaning can be forgot about.

Lastly, don’t forget to decorate. Decorating your house for the holidays will just make your home more inviting. Buyers will see the potential your home has and maybe even get ideas on the best place to set up a Christmas tree.

As I said before selling a home in the fall or winter is not impossible. Some people even prefer to list during this time because they have less competition on the market. With not as many listings it gives you a better chance of selling your home. We here at the Annette Yorks Group are excited for our fall and winter listings! Give us a call today to be one of them!