If traveling by plane try to fit all all you need in your carry on luggage. The good news is that mishandled luggage has decreased 61 percent in the last 8 years .. but lost luggage still occurs and during a a busy holiday season there are more chances for bags to go astray. But if you need to check bags , buy a brightly colored suitcase that stands out and take a photo of it that you can sow to the airline in case it gets lost.  Put a copy of you itinerary and destination address inside each checked piece of luggage so that they can be forwarded to your hotel easily.

Get to the airport early.  You should always plan on being to the airport hours prior to your flight to insure time to go through security and then to find your gate prior to departure.  Those who need to must make a connection should choose an itinerary that allows plenty of time between flights. It is better to wait an hour or so extra rather than missing your flight.

Another tip when you are at the airport is always wash your hands or use hand sanitize after touching handrails, security screening bins, touch screen kiosks and other high touch zones.

I always pack a favorite pillow or blanket and you can make sure when traveling with children to have a favorite game that can be played on a tablet or smart phone.  We would also bring snacks when traveling as an example individual bags of dried fruit, or a trail mix.  When traveling by car pack a cooler of fruit that is easy to pack , such as apples, bananas or grapes.  Avoid salty snacks, which dehydrate you in the already dry cabin air.  Drinking plenty of water is also key: not only can dehydration make you sluggish and irritable bu tit weakens your immune system.

Have a Great Holiday !