The sun is out and you can now see how dirty your windows got during the winter!  That can only mean one thing...Spring Cleaning! I can remember my mom going room by room, carrying out furniture and other items and placing them on the patio.  Every wall, baseboard and piece of furniture was then wiped down. Smaller rugs were thrown over the line and whacked with my brothers baseball bat, creating a cloud of dust.  Windows were washed and polished inside and out. Nothing feels better than a completely clean room!

Very rarely do we get up close and personal with the nooks and crannies of our home nor do we realize just how dirty things really do get during day to day life.  I recently painted my master bedroom and bathroom. When you paint you’re literally looking at every square inch. I was appalled at the dirt, and I even wiped them down in advance!  It’s easy to miss the dog hairs, splatters and smudges unless you really look for them.

Here’s are some easy Spring Cleaning tips for your Spring Cleaning Process.  These are also excellent tips to follow before you put your home on the market.  Buyers will scrutinize a home with laser like focus and the unspoken thought is “a clean home is a well maintained home”.

  1. Take stock of all cleaning supplies, rags, paper towels, sweeper bags, etc before you begin.  Nothing is more frustrating than being out of something you need.

  2. Recruit the kids for some of the jobs.  My job as a kid was wiping down the smaller furniture and thus began my love of murphy’s oil soap!

  3. Begin with specific rooms and don't move to another room until each area has completed.

  4. Stick to this system...                                                                                                                                                    - Vac walls and floor                                                                                                                                                      - Dust all surface                                                                                                                                                            - Wipe down walls (paying attention to switchplates and outside corner                                                                      - Clean window treatments & wash window                                                                                                                  - Carry all laundry items to the machines and begin washing                                                                                      - Wash all mirror fronts and trim                                                                                                                                    - Clean carpets / wash floors

      5.  As you go, check your light bulbs and change as needed.

      6. Don’t forget to dust and clean your light fixtures and ceiling fans!

      7. Save some extra time for the kitchen.  That way you can really deep clean the Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave,                cabinets, under the sink and the food pantry.

      8. Order pizza for dinner!

Happy Cleaning!