How will you choose your realtor when you decide to list your home?  Keep in mind... a home is the single biggest investment most people make.   Selling your home plants most people in a very vulnerable where they are dealing in a world they know very little, emotions are running high and frequently a timeline is imposed by one party or another.  Trust in the person you choose to handle the marketing and sale of your home is imperative. But how do you find the right person?

Do some recon!  Do not assume the agency with the biggest building or the realtor who claims to be the best is the right choice for you.  There is one very simple thing you can do:

Go to Open Houses!  Going to a realtor open house gives you the advantage of watching a realtor in action without them knowing they are being “interviewed” and provides the answers to some very important questions you need to know.   Do they attend their own open houses or are they assigning that task to an assistant? Are they friendly? Did they greet you when you arrived? How knowledgeable are they about the property or are they merely house sitting?  Are they engaged in showing and telling you about the home and the special features it offers. Are they knowledgeable about the neighborhood? What types of marketing materials do they offer for the property and are they quality materials or something that was printed quickly in the office.  Last but not least, what shape is the property in...particularly if it is a vacant property? Did the realtor take the time to make sure areas were clean, dead bugs removed, sidewalks swept, bathrooms cleaned, that it smells good and there are no burned out bulbs? Realtors who are truly invested take the time to make sure your home shows the best it possibly can.

Open Houses are just one method to finding the right realtor, but an important one.  They can be very telling as to how an individual may handle your own property should they be given your trust to market your home and facilitate the sales transaction.