I can remember the time I was a bride for Halloween.  I was a 6 year old vision of beauty, or so I thought, in my long white lace dress, lace gloves and a veil.  My mother made me wear a heavy coat over my costume for trick or treat night. What! A bride would not do that.  Vision spoiled. But I was happy later for that coat and it certainly didn’t diminish the amount of candy I got. My mother wanted me to be safe...something we all want for our kids and for that matter, for everyone.  Most lists involve safety for the little ones...this one’s for you and your home so this Halloween we can all be safe!

  1. Keep the front and back of your house well lite.  When most of the activity is taking place at the front door, let’s keep the back safe as well.  

  2. Make sure you have provided a bright, well lit path for trick or treaters.  Make sure those front porch lights are burned out and temporary spots can be added to point out any uneven sidewalk and steps.  

  3. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back from the walkway.  (I’ll never forget the Halloween as a kid the reports of bigger kids hiding in the bushes waiting to take kid’ candy ran rampant.)  Regardless, we don’t want people tripping on low hanging branches across the walkway.

  4. Keep the candy by the front door and not in a location where you may need to turn your back and leave the door open.  

  5. Keep your cell phone handy, not only for great pictures of the neighborhood kids, but in case an emergency arises.   

  6. Have fun!  It may be one of the last true neighborhood events!