There are some children that can't wait to go back to school, if you're lucky parent to one of them, congratulations! Majority of kids hate the idea of summer ending. It is always hard after a nice long summer to get back in the groove of waking up early and going to class. It can be a stressful few weeks, not just for the kids but parents as well! Thankfully there are a couple of tips and tricks that can help your child get ready for a great school year!
    Of course it is always good to make going back to school exciting. Don't dwell that summer is ending! Make them excited that school is back! Start doing little tasks that you know they will have to do in school. For example, get their bedroom routine back on schedule, get them reading, get summer homework packets, start screen time limits, reconnect them with classmates, pick up school supplies. 
    We all know that when summer rolls around then bedtime routines change. Make sure you start introducing the earlier bed time so your child will be back in the swing of it before school starts. Also, if your child likes to sleep in late, start waking them up early! If you start doing this the week school starts it will be another big shock to your child and could cause some not so pretty nights or mornings!
    Before you send your child off to bed, have them read you a nice bedtime story! If this is added to your nighttime routine it will make it enjoyable for you and them. The more they practice the better they will be! Along with the books you can download some homework packets. Some teachers will send these home with students before the school year ends, if not the internet is full of resources. 
    Speaking of the internet and games. Make sure you start limiting your child's on time screen time. Throughout the summer gets can become glued to TV, phones, games, Ipads, etc. Set limits on these because they will have to get used to going all day without them. Plus when they get home  that can't be the first thing they run to. Make sure homework is the first priority. 
    With all this preparation it can be exhausting for your kiddos. Take some time to go out and shop for some awesome school supplies! Get them new notebooks, backpacks, pens, etc. and let them pick it out! The more involved they are in the process the more excited they will be! Maybe even take a classmate with. If they start spending some time with classmates they can start getting excited about spending every day with them. 
    Getting ready for back to school doesn't have to be a stressful time. Just make sure you are prepared and start introducing the idea to your child in a positive way. They look up to you. So if you are excited about back to school they will come around to the idea too! Make this school year great!