I’d like to think in our little corner of the world at Annette Yorks Group, we are pretty cool and happening.  We are connected...you have to be to stay in contact with the market and customers. We employ Facebook and Facebook Live, we Instagram, we have our AYG Website, our Blog and utilize Digital Marketing...and soon, we will be VLOGGING.  Vlogging? Yes, vlogging. What’s a vlog, for those who don’t know? It’s a video log and everyone will now get to see what it’s like to be a realtor as our vlog takes you inside the Glamorous (not!) life of being a realtor. Our hope is that you think it’s fun, that you learn along the way some do’s about selling/buying your home and inevitably some don’ts through watching what we deal with everyday.  But what I really hope you learn is that my team and I work hard to earn your trust to handle your investment and most personal possession...your home. This will be an honest look inside our day to day activities because honest, open communication is what I’ve built my reputation and business on. So, stay tuned. It won’t be perfect but it will be real...as it always is here at AYG!