The holiday season starts this week! That means you will be surrrounded my friends and family. You might even be the host this year! The holidays can be already stressful and when hosting guests it can add more. Thankfully, we have some quick tips to help make you and your visitors feel less stressed.
    First and most important, make sure you are still yourself. No guest expects to come into your house this time of year and have everything look perfect. Don't put that stress on yourself. Plus, they are there to see you and your family, not the house. 
    Make sure you provide some extra toiletries and make items easy to find. Put a basket on the counter in the restroom. Have it include soap, lotion, shampoo, toothbrushes, and any extra essentials they need. Along with this make sure the towels or anything are easy to find. It will make them feel much more comfortable knowing where all the necessities are. This includes coffee and tea on hand. Even if you don't drink it, your guests might. 
    Most guests always ask if there is a way they can help. Of course you don't want to force them, but if they ask go ahead and let them help. Letting them help can make them feel more comfortable and at home, instead of just watching you do all the work.
    Another thing your guest might like is if you provide information about where you live. If they are new in town, give them brochures and info about things to do in the area. This will give them things to do and get them out of the house for a little. 
    As much as you love your guests it is important that you still keep your immediate family time sacred. This is something that can be challenging for people who host the holidays. This is very important, especially if you have young children. It doesn't have to be anything major but make sure you still keep their usual bedtime story or cuddling time. If you keep them content the less likely they are to act up. 
    The holidays can be stressful, but remember it is a fun time. Let your guests be themselves, as well as your family. Make it an enjoyable time for all. We here at the Annette York's Group wish you a happy holidays!