1. Know the real estate market you live in!

    What sells in your neighborhood? If you don't know this you need to ask your Realtor! If they don't know, you need a new Realtor! It is crucial to the sale of your home to know what the price point is of houses in your neighborhood, when they are selling, the features of the homes, etc. Thankfully here at the Annette Yorks Group, we do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for FREE before we even have a contract with you! This makes sure you feel comfortable with what we want to price your home at. 

2. Buyers need to see themselves in your home!

    Sorry but this means taking "you" out of it! When getting ready to list your home you have to start taking personal items down. Your home needs to look like a blank slate. If a buyer walks in and just sees a bunch of photos of you and your style it won't feel possible to make it their own. 

3. Experience sells!

    You need to make sure the real estate agent you choose is the right one for you! Every Realtor does things differently, so you need to Realtor shop. Look at Realtors websites, look at testimonials, look at their experience, look at their commission rates. The right realtor will do tons of research for you so make sure you research and find the right one! Also, experience does sell. Here at the Annette Yorks Group we have over 40 years combined experience!

4. Repairs left undone will cost more money in the long run!

    Before you list your home you need to make sure all those repairs that have been lurking are DONE! Trust me it will be a lot less stressful if you fix it before a potential buyer sees it. If a buy spots a needed repair it won’t stop there. They will wonder what below the surface of that tiny repair and what else could be wrong. It can hold up closings or cause them to ask for more money. 

5. Ignoring communication will jeopardize the sale!

    When you choose to sell your home you choose to be in a relationship with your Realtor. You know your home better than anyone else and us Realtors will be asking you a ton of questions. Make sure you take the time to answer them! When it comes down to a buyer looking at your home you could be in competition with someone else. The buyer may want to negotiate and we need to be able to reach you to discuss it.

6. Price your home right!

    Nothing drives buyers crazy like a new listing! The day your home goes on the market you want it to create a frenzy. People will be ready to bust down the door if it is in their price bracket, and that is exactly what you want! The faster your home goes the better it is for everyone! If your home just sits on the market buyers can assume there is something wrong with it or it is overpriced. 

7. Cleaning Pays Off!

    When starting to impersonalize your home make sure you also start decluttering and cleaning.  A dirty home can knock thousands of dollars off your profit. Make sure your home looks clean and open. Plus it will cut down things that will need packed up!

8. Inspect before they do!

    There is no problem at all with doing a home inspection before you list your home. There could be something that needs fixed that you didn't know about or never even thought of. This will give you extra time to repair it before someone else finds it. If a buyer finds something that you didn't know was wrong it again could cost you a lot more money if you do it yourself.

9. Photographs/Videos Sell!

    Photos and videos of your home are so important! Thankfully here at the Annette Yorks Group we have an awesome photographer that we send out to every property we list. We want to make sure your home is viewed in the best quality. When people are looking at your listing you want the photos to make them want to get in your home right that minute. If there is enough photos in your listing or they are poor, some people won't even consider looking at the property.  

10. Selling a home is inconvenient!

    Know right up front that selling your home will be stressful. We hear at the Annette Yorks Group aren't going to sugar coat it. This is not meant to scare you by any means, but if you know this up front then it won't be so surprising when you do feel stressed or inconvenienced. You're going to be getting a home ready to sell, packing, trying to find another home, and trying to do daily routines. In  between all this you will have showings happening whenever it is convenient for someone else. When you anticipate for this it will make it a lot less stressful. Just remember this is exciting and will pay off!